Bini Pradhan grew up in Kathmandu, Nepal, surrounded by the Himalayan mountains. Her mother worked as a cook for the Nepalese royal family, and her delicious food was always in the spotlight. Bini followed her mother’s passion, went to cooking school in Bombay, and got a Bachelor’s Degree in hotel management catering. She then worked for several large hotel chains, gaining valuable experience in the Nepali food industry. In 2004, with the encouragement of her sister, she moved to the United States and made San Francisco her home.

Unfortunately, those first years in the US were quite challenging, and in 2012 she managed to bravely escape from an abusive relationship. It was the time for a new beginning, and she decided to share her passion for her delicious native cuisine with her new home: San Francisco.

With the support of her family and friends, Bini applied to La Cocina, a food incubator program, which focuses on supporting immigrant women, and people of color to become food entrepreneurs. Leveraging their knowledge, experience, and guidance, Bini’s Kitchen was born. Bini was soon serving her famous MoMos, Gurkha chicken, palungo paneer, chai tea, and other Nepalese staples at farmers markets, catering events, and Off the Grid throughout the Bay Area.

It was the first contact with Nepali cuisine for many, and those who had tried it before had no doubt – this was the best Nepali food they had ever tasted. That motivated Bini to open her first kitchen kiosk in the Financial District in 2015. With this success under her belt, Bini opened her first sit-down restaurant in SoMa (South of Market) in 2019, just 10 minutes away from the famous Moscone Center and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Bini’s Kitchen brings the best Nepali food from the foothills of the Himalayas to San Francisco, and it’s been a huge success. Everything is made with love and passion, from the home ground spices, traditional preparations to local ingredients and unique cooking techniques. The restaurant now offers catering services for events and city-wide delivery and pickup of freshly cooked Nepali meals and frozen MoMos.