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Momo and Achar TURKEY MOMO

Nepalese turkey Dumplings, with Spicy Tomato Cilantro Sauce. Our Momo dinner package comes with 50 hot juicy dumplings, a pot of clear chicken soup, and a side of spicy tomato cilantro sauce .


Fresh Vegetable Dumplings with Clear soup and Spicy Tomato Cilantro Sauce.

Momo with Tomato Cilantro Sauce

Special Momo Dinner Pack


Nepalese Momos ( dumplings) turkey or vegetarian( tofu, carrots and cabbage)with spicy tomato cilantro sauce with pack of 50 momos for $ 50.00


Chicken or pork momo with spicy tomato cilantro sauce pack of 50 momos for $ 100.00.


Recent feedback (thanks!):

My friend and I both had the chicken plate and we could hardly concentrate on our business conversation because of your incredibly good food.  We were making a lot of noise and kept interrupting each other by saying, “Oh my goodness, this is good”, and “This is the best food I have ever had”, and “mmmmmmm” …etc.  (you get the idea)

I will be purchasing quarts of it to bring home for my family dinner soon.  You may see a spike in sales in Sausalito!!

Great job!


“Dinner was delicious! I am sure my brother and his wife will be calling you at some point for an order.”

“Just wanted to send a follow up thank you for the delicious food! We all loved it! Isabel our daughter also particularly liked the chicken because it was so moist and spicy! We’d definitely love to order again sometime! Would there be any chance that you could deliver on Monday of this coming week? If not no problem, we’ll figure out a different time in the next two weeks! Thanks again!”

“The food was completely awesome on Monday night! Everybody loved it and it disappeared rather quickly!We just started our new class last night and will be meeting every Tuesday for a while, so I hope to book you again soon.Thanks so much”.

“The food was amazing – thank you so much. I’m sure we will be ordering again soon!!”

“It was great success.:) Everyone LOVED it. It was just the right amount of masala. Nobody missed the meat at all.All of my friends were quiet impressed with your food. Thank you. Have you open an account on Yelp? Its worth it.I will look into the Facebook.Thanks again.”

“In one of the catered dinner,I had the pleasure of eating Bini’s Nepalese food at a dinner recently. The food was delicious, very flavorful and with some nice spices that I have not had before. The dumplings were amazing and the chicken and vegetable dishes were also memorable. Try it and you will be very pleased.thanks”

“In one of the catered lunch,Bini – loved this week’s menu. Food was very great”

“The best! You rock, Bini!!! Thank you”

“Mouth watering! Gurkha chicken and tama look like dishes fit for god””I had some for lunch today! YUM”

“One of our favorites!!!!”

“Thank you for the lunch, it was delicious! Everyone enjoyed the food and we got some great feedback! No problem about the desert, I didn’t realize how quickly people were going to eat (that was the first time people actually formed a line and waited!)I’m sorry if you were already on your way back over, but I wanted to save your time if possible.I’ve ‘liked’ your Facebook page and will refer your company when people are looking for delicious food! Appreciate the service and take care”

“Food is delicious! OMG! Thank you so much!!!!”

“Everything was delicious. The momos especially were a big hit. Thank you so much for being flexible and delivering on a Saturday! I hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend”

“Fabulous food tonight, Bini! Even better than last time — perfect for our homecoming dinner. I think the green beans were my favourite”

“The momo was delicious. We enjoyed momo, dipping sauce and soup. Thanks!”

“My husband and I really enjoyed your food. It had just the right amount of spice to it and all the different dishes were perfect served together. It was plenty of food too. Next time I won’t need the extra order of chicken! It’s great though I had for lunch today and we’ll eat for dinner again tonight:) I’ve already liked your page on Facebook, but will be sure to spread the word to friends I know would be interested. Thank you so much! You’ll hear from me again!”

“Thank *you* so much! Yes, we definitely did enjoy the food. The chicken was lovely, the rice really interesting and unusual (for me, anyway), and the dessert reminded us of Shrikhand – quite delicious! Only the kwati we found a little under-seasoned for our tastes — but since we have Indian palates, we probably are used to much more spicing than most of the people you cook for.Anyway, we really enjoyed it and are looking forward to the leftovers! (How often does one say that?)”

“The lunch was wonderful. Your food was delicious and everyone enjoyed the lunch. Thank you so much for everything. I will be happy to post on Facebook”

“The food was a great hit – pretty much all gone by the end. Livia loved the yogurt too…”

“I think Team Voxer truly enjoyed your lunch today, many thanks Bini! Everyone had very positive comments! I also sent your link to everyone so they can offer their own positive comments as well.”

“Eileen and I are definitely going to be “repeat” customers! I “liked” your FB page and commented last week, but I’ll post more comments about this week’s menu tonight or tomorrow (ALL GOOD!). While I really liked all this week’s dishes, I was actually totally in ecstasy over last week’s chicken dish (Grilled Nepali Chicken? – Couldn’t find the menu on FB, so surfed your website). I think I dreamed about it for 3 days afterwards!!!”

“Just a quick note to thank you again, so much, for catering my book club. The ladies were so impressed with the food and ate everything I served! We also had enough left over to make for dinner tonight and the boys loved the Grilled chicken and practically drank the Raita!”

“..the food was a hit. The favorites were the chicken and the rice. I am wondering how you got such a great taste out of a simple rice dish”“We really liked the palak paneer- very nice. The squash was great both in flavor and texture. P….. came over and he says your feed is very similar to what he was used to from Dehradun.”

“The moms were great, and we especially loved the dipping sauce. We used it on other dishes throughout the week!”

“Bini, this week is especially delicious! I love the chicken-it has so much flavor without being heavy. And the eggplant is amazing. And the dessert outshines it all. Thank you!!”

“Had Bini’s for dinner last night with 6 other friends and we all loved it! It tasted like a home-cooked meal you would have in Nepal. Kwati was my favorite but the kauli and chicken were very delicious too. Will definitely come back for more!””The dinner was absolutely delicious!!!”“My kids and I loved these momos and the dipping sauce – delicious. Not a small miracle for their sometimes finicky appetites.”

“Great sampler too, Bini. I’m always a sucker for free extra food!“Another fantastic meal, and grateful for the generous portion for one order “for two”. The aloo tama sampler had the unique flavors of bamboo shoots and black-eyed peas, a hearty Nepalese dish.”

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